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To two people of the visit having never met you

To bridal couple of the visit having never met you
Congratulations on an engagement.
I prepare for various services that can experience a hotel wedding of the aoaonarutorizoto to two people made search for venue of the wedding ceremony.
You serve as the date in the resort, and two people are matching, and please come to the play. You want and put it together and show around the visit of a church (chapel) and the venue. I look forward to coming of two people.

The traffic access to a hotel is reliable, too

The use of the parking lot is free.
The hotel shuttle bus runs from Osaka, Kobe, a high-speed naruto regularly, too.
For more details, please see a page of the traffic access.

Do you not stay in the glance of the guest?

Visit special accommodation plan
30,000 yen (it includes a tax, a service charge only on weekdays) of staying two people in a suite
30,000 yen pays cashback if I have you make a reservation of the wedding ceremony!

Do you not check vaunted taste?

Sampling of wedding ceremony dishes
You can eat hotel specialty dishes using the fresh Naruto seafood. ※Require reservation
Including dishes contents and the rate please refer to a wedding salon in detail.

Do you not try on a dress for a bride feeling?

Try-on of the wedding dress
One of the items that the clothes are the most important for a bride.
You have you confirm a lineup whether there is the dress of what kind of design and can try this on.
Please consult with an adviser about the curious thing including size alignment and the accessory. ※Require reservation
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