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Question to have well

Question to have well from bridegroom, bride to a hotel
I introduce a question and an answer to have well from bridegroom, bride to a hotel. When I have you read it, and the answer to question is not found, please refer to the wedding salon in the hotel casually.

About a visit, an application, a marriage run-up

Q. Does the preliminary inspection of the ceremonial hall need a reservation?
Q. Will you make a quotation?
Q. When should I prepare from?
Q. It is maternity, is the meeting pushed forward without unreasonableness while seeing physical condition?
Q. What kind of thing do you do by the procedure of the contract?
Q. When should the expense of the wedding ceremony pay?

About a wedding, a banquet

Q. How long does it take for the wedding?
Q. How much is the time required of the banquet?
Q. What time is the wedding possible from?
Q. Can the banquet hold only a wedding without performing it?
Q. Can you have a guest attend only a wedding?
Q. During a wedding an attendant a photograph can shoot it with a video camera?

About a dress, beauty

Q. I would like the arrangement of the clothes rental of parents
Q. Can I bring in the clothes?
Q. Can you rehearse the hair make?
Q. Are dressing and the hair make of the attendance possible?

About a banquet (dinner meeting)

Q. I invite an old guest. Will you prepare chopsticks?
Q. Are there the dishes for the child?
Q. There is a guest with the food allergy. Will you prepare for a special meal?
Q. Can you try dishes?
Q. Of a small number of people can eat?

About a traffic access shuttle bus, movement

Q. Will the pick-up bus prepare?


Q. While I have you participate in a guest (I do not participate in an expression banquet), can the family of the guest have to wait in a hall?
Q. Can you hold a wedding ceremony with a pet?
Q. Is there the change of clothes room for the attendant?
Q. Will you keep baggage beforehand?
Q. Can it travel the hall with a wheelchair?
Q. Is there the nursing space for the baby?
Q. Can a guide dog, the service dog enter it?
Q. Is there the restroom for handicap?
Q. When it rains on the day of the wedding ceremony, how does the movement with a chapel and the hotel turn out?
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