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Wedding plan to grant the thought of two people comes up one after another.
Please refer to a wedding salon for the detailed contents of the wedding plan and the estimate.

Location photo plan

Though "I do not want to raise it, the photograph of the once-in-a-lifetime memory wants to leave which "I do not include a wedding ceremony concerning a budget" for the wedding ceremony", and such a plan that is good to two is born!
Shooting is a possibility with a choice of the place that a garden, the private beach that are full of Saint ceraFick church and green with an ocean view nestling by the sea of the aoaonarutorizoto like! The plan that is recommended to two people of the outside the prefecture in making arrangements, and & shooting being possible on 1st!
■As you are accepting the consultation except weekdays, please feel free to contact us.

[weekdays limitation] a photoplan

It is included in a plan
Wedding dress (rental 180,000 yen equivalency), tuxedo
Beauty dressing
I include hair make, dressing of bride
Art bouquet (I include boot near)
97,000 yen souvenir picture 1 pose one finish
123,000 yen photograph data (one place of shooting place cuts about 50 in 30 minutes)
Dressing room charge for free
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