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Question to have well from wedding ceremony attendants to a hotel
I introduce a question and an answer to have well from wedding attendants to a hotel. When I have you read it, and the answer to question is not found, please refer to a hotel casually.

About costumes for rent, dressing

Q. I attend at a wedding, a banquet. Are the rentals such as a formal kimono with a decorated skirt or the visiting dress possible?
Q. When I borrow clothes, where should I contact by when?
Q. Where should the reservation of the dressing connect with by when? How much is the rate?
Q. Is there the change of clothes room for the attendant?
Q. Is there the outlet in the change of clothes room for the attendant?

About staying, baggage

Q. Where should the room reservation connect with by when?
Q. Does the staying have the discount of the attendant of a wedding, the banquet?
Q. I want to send baggage for the staying, when and where should I send it?
Q. Is there the guest room for the handicap?
Q. I want to reserve the guest room without telling to a bridal couple

About a receptionist, entertainment

Q. I was asked for a receptionist. Where should I go by when?
Q. I was asked for entertainment in a banquet. Can you rehearse it?
Q. Should the entertainment contents of the banquet inform it beforehand?
Q. Will you keep the tool to use for entertainment at a hotel?

About the facilities in the hall

Q. Will you lend it the wheelchair?
Q. Is the hall available for the movement with the wheelchair?
Q. Is there the restroom for handicap?
Q. Can you borrow the crib for the baby in a banquet venue?
Q. Can I have hot water for the milk of the baby?
Q. Is there the nursing space?
Q. Is there the restroom with the diaper spare space of the baby?

About a guide dog, a service dog, a pet

Q. Can a guide dog, the service dog enter it?
Q. Can the pet enter it?

About a parking lot, a means of transportation

Q. Is there the parking lot? Does it cost the rate?
Q. Is there the pick-up bus?
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