Please use the inquiry in convenient LINE about the GoTo travel.
LINE account search ID @goto_travel_line 
I would like friend addition, an inquiry than a smartphone.
Go To travel site formula LINE
I take it again even if I make a reservation now and am unnecessary 
From a trace at the time of the "GoTo travel" resumption about a discount application

 For resumption of "the GoTo travel", I have already pushed forward preparations to let I make a reservation, and "GoTo travel" discount apply to making a new reservation later you have. In this way, by giving you a discount after the reservation, and applying it, collecting fixing of making a reservation after the "GoTo travel" resumption becomes needless. I am going to apply discount if I can receive an agreement from participation conditions as soon as I am ready after the resumption of "the GoTo travel". In the case of making a reservation, thank you for your understanding about the following contents beforehand.
■In the case of payment, please note that it becomes the torichoku Shiga need by the prior settlement.

■After GoTo travel campaign resumption, an application condition may be changed with the conventional contents. Thank you for your understanding beforehand

■Please perform discount application by all means in GO TO travel discount application site "STAY NAVI" to apply GO TO travel. When I do not apply, it does not become the GO TO travel object.

※When "GoTo travel" business is not restarted, there is no application of the discount support. A prescribed cancellation fee is applied on this occasion when the trip that it has been already made a reservation is canceled. 
※If a customer is hoped for when "GoTo travel" business is restarted, an applied discount support rule is applied at that point. The amount of discount and discount upper limit, the number of distribution, the prediction areas of the coupon common throughout an area, target facilities, the participation condition of the tourist may be greatly different from past content on this occasion. 
※There is the possibility that an application of the discount is not in time for some trip object periods since I ask a customer about having agreements or not such as participation conditions after the official announcement of the resumption.
※Making a reservation from the formula WEB site is an object. 
※Making reservation that coupons impossible of combination are used becomes out of an application object.

The GOTO travel is not going now.
We are advantageous, and let's stay in Go To!
◎From a hotel reservation system (official homepage) toward the reservation
I am not targeted for a campaign application only by a room reservation. At the time of GoTo travel resumption, you access "STAY NAVI" by all means, and please acquire a discount coupon. Please submit the coupon to the front at the time of check-in.
Procedure [1 ~ 3] to make a reservation
1.I reserve the accommodation plan by a hotel reservation system
※In the reservation screen top, an amount of money before the discount is displayed.
2.I move to the following STAY NAVI (stay navigator) service after the reservation [at the time of GoTo travel resumption] and issue the discount coupon of Go To travel kiang pe n
GO TO travel discount coupon issuance page
3. Please show the staying discount coupon which on the day was issued at the time of check-in by all means at the front desk.
※When there is not the presentation, discount is not applied.
※At the time of check-in, discount becomes the application at the time of settlement by showing Go To travel campaign discount coupon number.
※I recommend that the coupon prints it and has it.
※The presentation of the identification card of the hotel guest is necessary at the time of check-in.
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