I meet and meet you in the sky
Time of the once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend time in AoAwo
Play movie
Guest room renewal
July, 2024 completion "art gallery" to be able to stay
Sunflower room seven rooms renewal of Gogh 
The work of five ceramists who received inspiration in the superb view of Naruto colors a guest room
To the customer of the visit
▼Around 15:00-17:00 check-in time is crowded very much. 
□I will recommend early check-in. 
[as for check-in procedure 12:00 -/room admission as for the room admission of 16:00 ... (2024.9/1 ... 15:00) 
※As the time when check-in is possible varies according to plans, please confirm the contents of the application. 

□I recommend that I have you enjoy sightseeing of Awajishima using time to check-in. (I arrive by Minami-Awaji-shi - aoao car in about ten minutes)

□Do you finish the reservation of the restaurant? When you do not finish a reservation yet, you make a reservation, and please go through the procedure.

□I usually explain guidance in the hall, but, at the time of check-in, the customer who does not need explanation tell the front desk about the effect of "explanation is not necessary" at check-in. I go through the procedure simply.
Awa natural indigo dyeing experience
"Nature lye (open) fermentation-based Awa natural indigo dyeing experience" to be handed down from the Edo era starts
AoAwo X month
Naruto authorizes it at the national beautiful moon summit in "100 Japanese moon" registration appreciation ground
AoAwo mind Fournet's experience-based with "a now momentary feeling" for the five senses
Resort Workation
It is rizotowakeshon in aoao in Setonaikai National Park
I check the latest information of aoao in SNS
News & news
▼Login of X (old Twitter) is necessary to read the latest information of X.
While all 208 rooms listen to surf in spite of being a view at night in the sea glittering in the sun at noon in the guest room, please be delighted with joy by a flow when you relaxed.
Hospitality of the long stay (more than a stay for 2 days)
It is aoao on a memorial day
At a unique restaurant available to Awa regional cuisine, French food, Japanese food, char-grilling, the favorite style including the terrace cafe, please thoroughly enjoy seasonal good flavor.
Program information
I play with nature playing with the sea! We challenge fishing to catch Naruto sea bream, and let's enjoy cruising and an animal contact experience!
Please enjoy an experience of Awa and sports activity, various experiences including the seasonal taste hunting.
Country of Awa
In the fairs good old in a folkcraft and old days of here, it is a Times lip to old Awa!
Awa Folk Dance
Do you not experience Tokushima's greatest festival "Awa Folk Dance?"
Sports & activity
Rent-a-bicycle and tennis, the recreation facilities including the sea kayaking are fulfilling, too.
Taste hunting
The taste experience that a bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans, Naruto seaweed, the seasonal fruit are in season when it becomes
I play in the sea and have various experiences, and a pleasant thing is full!
A trip to Tokushima becomes fun 10 times!
 I suggest a trip of the new discovery in aoao
Traffic access
Access map
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For JR Shikoku Naruto Line Naruto Station - pick-up bus 15 minutes,
Tokushima Awa dance airport - pick-up bus 30 minutes (require reservation)
I am operating the nonstop bus from the Keihanshin district area.
From Sannomiya 
Use of nonstop bus
→ About 1 hour 25 minutes
From Osaka 
Use of nonstop bus
→ About two hours
From Nagoya
Use of JR/express bus/pickup and drop-off
→ About 2 hours 40 minutes
From Tokyo
Use of plane/pickup and drop-off
→ About 1 hour 45 minutes
Mind Fournet's
Approach to SDGs